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Making Zoho People better for its people; through user experience (Personal Project) 

Design Process.png

The Goal

The goal of this project is to restructure the system of Zoho People and integrate useful features backed by research and insights from users and interviews. 

Initial Hypothesis

  • Employees spend a lot of time performing tasks on zoho which ideally shouldn't take long

  • They are using the application out of compulsion

  • Features are hidden and nested

  • They are unaware of their employee benefits which keeps them from making informed decisions

Target Audience

  • Companies using Zoho 

  • Employees using Zoho 

  • Small and mid sized companies in need of     and HRIS platform 

Problem Statement

A lot of time is spent figuring out how to perform tasks, where the information is stored and in actually performing tasks too! This leads to the users having a bad user experience and causes additional frustration over and above

their existing work pressure in the office.

Stakeholder Mapping

Stakeholder Mapping.png


The stakeholders were identified and placed based on their importance and value exchange among them;

going from Primary to Tertiary from the inside of the bulls eye.

Secondary Research

Insights on the primary research done and the relevant data collected 

Secondary Research.png

Competitive analysis

Feature Comparing_Zoho.png

Primary Research

Insights on the primary research done and the relevant data collected 

Primary research.png

User Persona

User Persona_Muskaan.png

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping _zoho.png

Empathy Mapping 

Empathy Mapping_zoho.png


The user feels isolated, ignored, and stuck using the apps for simple tasks. Her aim is to understand the platform

and not waste time figuring it out. Zoho must help them get things done faster, not slower.

The Revamp

Apply On duty

apply on duty.png

An addition to the dashboard which allows you to quickly notify your manager about the nature of work one may have outside the office

Filling time logs

Filling Time Sheets.png
image 4544.png

The most dreaded part of Zoho; made simple. When in a state of hurry, or stress, having to think

of something you did in the morning and how how many hours can be frustrating unless you have

it written.


The redesign allows you to select from projects you are working on, and the flow is designed to guide you while also allowing you to have your job description the same as the assigned job; given that was

a use care many employees pointed out. 

The dashboard

image 4543.png

The key aspects of the redesign of the dashboard include a cleaner user interface, actionable items upfront under each section such as "Apply On Duty"  or "Add time log" and even "Apply Leave" which is next to the date of your last leave which gives makes you think a little before taking a leave. 

Using visual cues like play of color to show the indication of a time log being missing for a day of the ongoing week or being done.

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