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Upskill is a UX/UI project focusing on making fluency more accessible.

Upskill cover.png

The Goal

The goal is to design an app which helps people understand the basics of the language through bite sized and guided learning and also gives them a platform to practice and get help from professionals.

Problem Identified

  • Lack of individualized attention in schools

  • Inadequate Support from working parents

  • Lack of fluency as a while in India

  • Difficult for people to network and put themselves out there

  • Fluent speaking people earn better 

  • Lack of motivation and drive to work

Target Audience

  • Age- 15-35 (and above)

  • Demographic- Tire 1 and Tire 2

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis of the existing apps providing English learning or Speaking features

Upskill SWOT analysis.png
Competitors Analysis

A competitive analysis of the core companies who are the closest to offering similar features as Upskill to give us a better understanding of the areas for improvement. 

Competitor analysis.png
Stakeholder Mapping
Stakeholder Mapping.png
User Persona
Customer Journey Map
CJM for web.png
Pain Points and Solutions
Information Architecture
Info Arch..png
HAHAr Screens Display.png
Style Guide
Style Guide.png
User Interface
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